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Blessed 2B A Blessing

Dr. CNichole has twenty plus years of experience engaging with various audiences through being an educator, host, and inspirational speaker.  Her theological education has given her insight into the human condition and her journey as a single mother of two daughters, the youngest of which has special needs has helped her develop her skills as an empathetic and active listener.  All of these qualities allow her to bring her best self to every situation in order to be used for God's Glory.

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Producing Theologically Sound Productions

Theologically sound productions are in short supply, yet it's one of the most effective and wide reaching ways to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Committed To Creating Quality Productions

Dr. Barrett, is a gifted writer, producer, and director, in multiple areas of the Christian Entertainment Industry.  While these areas vary, her commitment to quality remains consistent.  She will bring that same spirit of excellence to your project, should you decide to work with CNP.

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The Host w/the Most

Dr. CNichole, brings out the best in people in whatever situational event she finds herself in.  Her inviting smile and calm yet energetic spirit provides a sense of comfort to audiences, which helps to keep them engaged. She has the ability to connect with other team members quickly such as DJs, performers, speakers, co-host etc., to ensure everyone has a memorable, and good time.


Interesting, Informative, and Inspirational

As a keynote speaker Dr. CNichole is interesting, informative, and inspirational.  Her years of experience in entertainment, education, along with her formal education have prepared her to be a personable professional who comes prepared to have an interactive discussion on the topic or theme for the event.

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CN Productions HML 59064  BRONZE.png


We will bring your vision to life

Whether it's a commercial, a short film, a music video, etc.  CNP, can walk you through pre-production services, production, and post production.  Each service can be delivered as a stand alone project or as separate phases of one big project.  You choose and CNP will deliver...


Ministerial and Educational Needs

Dr. CNichole's years of teaching experience can be shared with individuals or entire organization through original workshops developed to train other called creatives in the art of visual storytelling that's theologically sound and filled with urban grit.

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What’s Available



We Will Be The Voice of Your Product

We can provide voice over services for your 15, 30, or 60 second commercials.  as well as your animation, audio books, or church announcements.   Just let us know what's needed and CNP will deliver it.


Exceeding Expectations

Our script writing services will exceed your expectations.  We can create a script for everything from a 15 second commercial slot to a two hour feature film and everything in between.  Share your vision and CNP, will bring it to pass...



We Can Shoot A Compelling Tale

Whether it's a music video, television pilot, short film, commercial, documentary, etc., CNP has been blessed with the vision to create a compelling visual stories and can also produce yours...

Business Page: Services
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